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What we do for and with residential developers

Rentsquare uses technology to reduce the time properties sit empty and makes renting more affordable

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Our work with Red Door Ventures

Red Door Ventures is a commercial residential developer established in 2014 wholly owned by the London Borough of Newham. Its focus is on developing high quality residential homes in the private rented sector to be held long term and be an exemplary landlord. Red Door Ventures has completed schemes in Stratford, East Ham and has more on site in Plaistow.

RentSquare were commissioned to let Red Door Venture’s new East Ham scheme.

Zero Voids

Our Solution was so effective for Red Door Ventures that for our entire project with them, not a single day was lost to voids, resulting in significant revenue increase for the business.

65% Faster

We reduced the average letting time for Red Door Ventures properties from 10 weeks to 3.5 weeks ensuring each property was filled in a quick and timely manner.

Our Feedback

“AMAZING. They are very easy to get in touch with and always responded very promptly to any correspondence. Always friendly and helpful! THANKS.”

Renting with RentSquare

No hidden fees

As a tenant you pay only for your reference check, a flat fee of £45 for each waged tenant. No more, no less.

Reference checks

Have confidence you will pass the reference check. You will know from the start what you need to provide.

Digital inventory

A picture is worth 1000 words.
Get everything logged so you and your landlord start off on the same page.