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Tired of traditional lettings,

we created RentSquare

Have you ever noticed that you don't know what the average rent is for any one area? You also never know how much fees you will be charged when you are trying to rent a home in the UK, until you have to pay for it.

Well, we found out that part of the Housing Crisis is that no one actually knows what a fair deal looks like. And everyone compares rents to advertised prices, but what if those were never the prices the market has accepted?

These frustrations made us think that there has to be a better way.
With open data we found it! We created a calculator that works out the sweet spot for rents for every address in the UK.

Then, a bit of geek magic, a belief in transparency and a passion for good user experience - RentSquare was born.

Our aim is to make rent simple, fair and square!

The Founders

Helena Trippe, CEO

With over 12 years of experience (and frustration) in housing, Helena knows this market inside out! At RentSquare, she is in charge of business development and finding the right partners to help us in this housing revolution.

Iban Benzal, CTO

Iban gets excited about any social issue that can be solved with technology. With past experience delivering projects to the NHS, Sainsbury’s, Intel & Santander, he now does wonders motivating our tech team, looking after technology and data science.

Lais de Almeida, CDO

Lais has a passion for complex issues and social mobility - she gets frustrated when services don't work! An expert in design and human behaviour, Lais looks after our brand development, our community of users and the design of the RentSquare experience.