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Halfway through the tenancy – 3 top tips on how to make the best of this time

Posted by Lais on 13/03/2016

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The middle of the tenancy comes around very quickly. Hopefully everything has been going well and the tenants are really happy with their home.  Although the tenancy is well under way, there are still some things which might be worth thinking about.

We have put together some pointers of how to best manage this period.

1. Check in with your tenants to see if everything is all right. Why not have a chat with your tenants to make sure they are happy. You might learn that minor things need sorting out. If you give them enough notice you can also arrange to come around for a cuppa.This might also be an opportunity to help you understand if there are any major repairs or fixtures that are looking a bit tired and will need some freshening up soon. This will also give you time to plan and shop around for the best deals.

2. Although it might seem too early, start speaking about renewals. Why not approach a conversation about renewal. Find out early what your tenants are planning to do once the tenancy comes to a close. To know early is better than being in the dark and will give you extra planning time.

3. Start putting wrong to right. If something didn’t go as well as it could, make a note of how it could have been better. This will help you with your next tenant. Ask also for feedback – you might be surprised that the solution is much simpler than you imagined.

Halfway through the tenancy is the best time to start planning so that you can make sure you and your tenant can get the best out of the last few months.


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