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4 top tips for getting it right with your tenants

Posted by Lais on 13/03/2016


Like any new relationship, the start of a new tenancy is a critical time to get it off to a good start. Based on our experience and that of seasoned landlords, here are our top tips to help you prepare for this new start.

If you are about to embark on a new contract read on to make sure you have these in hand.

1. First of all, the paperwork. If you want to start in the best possible way, make sure you have all the paperwork sorted. Check your new tenant’s right to rent. Hand them a copy of the signed tenancy agreement as well as a copy of the gas certificate, EPC and deposit paperwork. Don’t forget to carry out an inventory and take meter readings. These will make sure you are both in the same page – and of course inspire trust to your tenant.

2. Share your ground rules. Make sure your tenants know what they can expect from you. Share with them any information they will need to care after your home as if it was you. For example how the blinds close, or do you need them to forward you any mail? As the saying goes you set the example, and the others will follow.

3. Cover all bases. Make sure neither of you gets caught out. Give your tenants any emergency numbers they will need. And ask them who to contact in case you need to get hold of them. Show also your tenants where the gas, electric and water meters are and what are the arrangements for bin and recycling collection, this will help them settle in fast.

4. You are not just letting bricks and mortar, make it a home. There is no better welcome than being made to feel at home. Reassure your tenants that this is their new home, a place where they can relax and enjoy. Get them a pint of milk before they move in, so they can enjoy their first cuppa on you!

Also, you can help your tenants appreciate their new neighbourhood from day one, by sharing some local tips – this will help them enjoy it and keep safe.


These tips might not seem like much, but as any experienced landlord will tell you, a little goes a long way!


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